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    Swanage Property | Online Estate Agents

Online Estate Agents

Everyone likes to have a moan about estate agents, but that doesn’t stop most of us handing them thousands of pounds to sell you property.

Estate agents are charging between 1.5% and 2% of the total house sale price, and you could end up spending £2,000 in fees when selling a £100,000 property, with legal fees, home reports and other fees to pay on top of that taking the cost to even more.

There are signs the property market is on an upturn again, after several years’ of being either static or in decline. So if you manage to sell your home quickly you will find you have pay a large fee, for potentially no work.

But now there are tailored solutions for every home seller. There are a growing number of online-only estate agents that now charge a fraction of the cost and have tailored solutions to suit all sellers, with some home owners cutting estate agents out altogether by listing their property on an online estate agents website.